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funny - toontown ft. blackwinterwells + kuru

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Текст песни:

im on da map like a pirate
i can see the future, whats inside it
i dont fuck w fake love so dont try it!!!
im countin up my paystubs, i cant hide it :(
i cant hide the fact im up now
all these fkn haters in my dms u get shut down
wow, nah i couldnt give a fuck now
im posted up w villians like its toontown
he gon end up on the news if he talkn to me
i dont wanna hear u crying when im up on ur feed
theres a time n place 4 everything so get off ur knees
ur not a friend u r a fake ill make this mf bleed
the money comin in, i got everything i want
i blow this shit up like a bomb
idc what u on, im not gon be here for long
when they see everything i flaunt, ill be the guy that they want
lot of people that dont know wassup
posted with funny and tim lake and flood
you aint got shit man i know youre a bum, yeah
i just heard your new shit, i was stumped
chop up a line cuz i need me a bump
im off a bean and your girl give me dome
and its amazing bro i swear
bitch im a star now im like cher
autotune on i feel like cher
stay up late dancin in my chair
you kno my style so unique
they like my ink, bro, so they stare
im gettin compliments on my hair
man im so handsome that it aint fair, yeah
kickback, one foot in the air im liu kang
i'll body your saibot, no way
im flexin she smile back
send pics she like that
like preston im a big cat, yuh
dont hate cuz im up, im on
ya wellsy the best one
step forward, back none
i feel like bardock's son
eating some dim sum
i grin like a dumb dumb
n they like ku how u doin tht shit
im in the town w my bros n we gettin them racks js like this n tht
i cannot trust me no bitch or no gnat
say u in a big body whip boy i think tht its cap
u cnt do it like me
u cnt do it like us
tht boy mad as a bitch he makin a fuss
im w lil funny n we countin bucks
101 bands i think ima wizard
bitch im sippin 伊藤園 no bitch this not no sizzurp
he want get in2 the club bitch we cant considr
i got more ice on me than sid lil bitch im causin me a blizzard
n like how do i sip all ts smartwater im still a dumbass
ur bitch gon pull up 2my crib n she throwin dumb ass
n he said that he want him a ft for like 50bucks i think he dumbass
n these dudes they aint fuckin w me i think tht its cool cuz im countin dum racks
my shootr gon push ur lil bun back
me n funny walkd in where the funds @t
he got a v on his back im like fuck that
and i think tht i need me some more stacks
red beam finna aim @ ur thorax
n my bro in the crib sippin more act
margiela perfume i cnt fw no axe
if they h8in on us then i think tht they wack

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