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Tyler Shaw - abcdefu (Romantic Version)

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Текст песни:

i swear i’ll always give my best no pretending
give you breakfast in bed in the morning
there ain’t no answer to this complex question
i just keep falling for you every day
won’t ever take up too much time or attention
take a second just to make our connection
i would do anything for you affection
kinda fun tryna go about it all the wrong ways
i’m just so into you i wanna let it all out
you’re so perfectly fine
i could talk all day but let me spell it out
a b c d e f g h i love you still
and you know i always will till the end of time
i won’t change my mind
love you i’ll be there
i will never disappear
said forever i swear so i will be there

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Песня Tyler Shaw - abcdefu (Romantic Version)