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Текст песни:

If ya with it, then I'm with it, get it started
Got no time for no itty-bitty parties
See the numbers and it's already charted
Run it up, run it up, ah-ooh
See the, see the black rims, pink headlights
Bring the, bring the bags in, yeah, they all mine
Diamond-plated names bouncin' on our necklines
Light it up, light up, ah-ooh

Vroom vroom, better get out of the way
Comin' through, through, everybody know the name
Hear the boom boom, 'bout to hit you with the bass
From the front to the back, I'ma put it in your face

Live fast, we do it like that
And we don't lie, we born to be mad
Better come right or never come back
Don't mess with the girls, with the girls, with the girls
Stop sign, we're burnin' it down
Better watch out, we comin' in loud
Bang, bang, just playin' around

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Песня BLACKPINK - The Girls