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Текст песни:

Mm, pourin' up a red— (Woo, woo)
Yeah, huh
Pourin' up a—
Ayy, turn me up Bally (Ha)
Huh, pourin' up a red cup, I'm anti (Ha), uh
Yeah, ha (Huh)

Yeah, she call me Lancey or Lancey (Huh, uh, yeah)
Pourin' up a red cup, I'm anti (Uh, uh)
Took her Paris, then she took her panties off (Uh)
Light skin ting, she Ashanti, off (Mm)
Broke up with my lady, it ain't nothin' to a boss (Huh)
She still gon' keep it shady when I turn the lights off (Huh)
Wipe me down clean, don't you ever miss a spot (Huh)
Five, four, three, two, one, I take the shot (Huh)

I can— I can— I can feel the Molly wearing off (Uh)
I can— I can— I can— I can finally see the sun (Uh)
Taking off my shades, I see my feelings in a cup (Uh)
Murder one, one-eight-seven, it's a redrum (Hmm)
Rеdrum, money, sex, you know how it goes (Ha)
Bluе diamonds clashing with the Piru stones (Chyeah)
World boss flow, money make her touch her toes (Huh, yeah)
Before I had the million, I was really penny throwin'
Huh, bipolar man, I got her comin', got her goin' (Woo)
Little sheep, mind your manners talkin' to a G.O.A.T (A G.O.A.T)
I stay a mystery, 'cause I know they really want my soul
Lil Peep, took the Xanny, prayin' I don't go (Ha)
I'm gettin' clean, money fiend, bad bitch addict
Islamic baddie, henna tatted, but I'm really tatted (Tatted)
Lookin' for me, she gon' spot my face out like acne, uh
Said she love me, which one, Lancey or Lancey? (Huh)

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