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Stray Kids - Why

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Текст песни:

Age is only a number, yeah, don't care about it
They don't walk the same path as us
What is your problem? I ain't got time for the chitter-chat, yeah
The voice of the devil brings nothing but destruction (Yeah)
(Who?) They all do the same, but why can't they understand us?
(When?) Everyday every night, they can not stop with the "Blah-blah"
(Where?) They're everywhere, everywhere, looking like starving hyеnas
What do they want? How am I gonna survive?
We do thе same actions but we are the victims (Why?)
Kill the sound (Kill the sound), let us be like this
Paint the town (Paint the town), selfishly my way
In the repetitive daily life (Why?)
Break the chains leave us alone

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Песня Stray Kids - Why